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How the next battle over Obamacare could be the ugliest yet

"In our research looking at barriers faced by families accessing available public insurance for their kids we found that families were often very confused about the requirements and the processes for enrollment," said Jennifer Devoe, a family phys read more...

2 years ago

New device reduces hair loss from chemotherapy

A neoprene covering worn over the cooling cap insulates it and keeps it in place.

Made by Swedish company Dignitana, the DigniCap is essentially a sophisticated air-conditioning system for the head. The R2D2-size main unit chills the monop read more...

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Obama's Health Care Plan Will Turn Women Into 'Wanton Harlots' | Reuters

Like Congressman Steve King (Repub., Iowa), Colbert is outraged, especially because breast pumps and abuse counseling are "frivolous impulse buys" comparably to pedicures and manicures.

"You know the ladies," he quipped. "They are always pu read more...

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Wait Continues to See What Tricare will Cover for Breastfeeding Moms

Mothers who are looking to use Tricare's newly mandated breastfeeding supplies and support coverage will have to wait an unknown amount of time to find out exactly what the military healthcare insurer will be covering, officials said.

"Unti

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How to Choose the Correct Breast Pump

~ One or Twin? ~

Some breast pumps have a single collection bottle. Some have two - one for each breast. The single bottle pumps are less bulky and hence more mobile. The twin bottle pumps, however, are a wiser choice. This is because, read more...

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Which breast pump is best for you?

If you are determined to continue to feed your baby breast milk, there is a perfect pump on the market for your needs.

If you only wish to pump occasionally then you could look into a manual pump. These work by attaching the suction cup to read more...

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Kathleen Chiu, IBCLC, RLC,

Lactation Consultant, Board of Directors: SouthEast Lactation Consultants Assn (SELCA) and Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition (GBC) Expert

Kathleen Chiu, Quick Facts Main Areas: Lactation Consulting/Breastfe